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“I have bought 1000 Unique IP Hosting” – SeekaHost Review

SeekaHost has been a part of my blogging journey. I have grown when SeekaHost had grown even bigger. This blog describes the features of them which I have widely utilised and end up buying 1000 Unique IP Hosting recently. The points which I’m about to describe are genuine and what I have experienced so far with them.

I have come up with points to show why I strongly recommend SeekaHost as your web hosting provider beyond its features in each package.



Why bloggers (like me) recommend SeekaHost?


SeekaHost is providing a very competitive price in web hosting service when compared with other on seeing their each packages. The price starts from $0.75 as a minimum price to $13.99 as their maximum which varies based on the packages and the billing cycle you prefer. On seeing the price, If you are ordering on special days with offers, then you can close the deal on killer price based on the percentage of offer they provide.

Various Packages:

They provide various packages starting from personal, business, PBN, cheap, WordPress and SEO-Friendly Web Hosting Services. On comparing each packages, one could see difference in packages and the features in it. The packages varied based on number of domains, number of database, Disk Space, Data Transfer, SSL, email accounts and others. If you would like to get customized package, then you can order and buy them as well.

I’m one among the customer who had bought customized package for 1000 Unique IP Hosting for SEO purpose.

Support to the fullest:

I had good experience with the SeekaHost support team, who has always been very helpful in every aspect. The team will be available 24×7 to respond you through live chat and guide you in a way to proceed further. For registered SeekaHost user, there is an option to open ticket in their client area dashboard, where one can raise ticket for any query or proceedings.

SeekaHost reviews

What is the benefit of Unique IP and Private Name server?

I have a very stand that, I need Unique IP for all the 1000 domains which are about to host with private name server setup. When I had a discussion with the SeekaHost chat team [present in right bottom of their website], I have came to know me and SeekaHost service are in same page. Yes, they are providing Unique IP for each of my 1000 domains and setting up each domain with private name server.

So, What is the advantage of having Unique IP and Private Name Server for PBN?

As I have already said, I’m pretty clear in my stand for getting Unique IP and Private Name Server. The reason for this is to avoid footprints in Google. Most of the hosting providers I have discussed with has agreed only for custom name server with their brand name mentioned. Obviously, for their personal branding I guess.

The PBN’s I have been handling should not show to Google in a way that all the domains are of same person and hosted under same company. By doing in this way, the possibilities of tracing the domains footprints will be reduced to a great extent of 99%.



What is the difference between custom name server and private name server?

Custom Name Server:

When you host using the custom name server, you don’t want to mention any IP address on the registrar (90% of the registrar won’t ask for IP). So, you will use the name servers on the hosting name. It will point to a server & it will show up your site files active on that server.

Private Name Server:

If you host your website with private name server, then from our side we will configure it with the particular IP address. You want to update the name server & IP address on the registrar end. So it will point directly to the exact file & loads your website from SeekaHost server.

How SeekaHost assisted me?

Personally had good experience with SeekaHost support team.  I have started with 10 IP at the very beginning, when I didn’t have any idea about hosting. They have guided through all the technical difficulties faced, which includes WP Setup, Features in cPanel, knowledge sharing on securing a website and even like how to update name server on any domain registrar. Good things are many as I haven’t faced any tough time being with SeekaHost as a customer for a long time now. Leaving this review as a happy customer at SeekaHost.

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