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Remote, flexible working is becoming so common across the UK. According to some surveys, it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in the UK will be working remotely. Small and large businesses are increasingly adopting this strategy, allowing more and more employees to work remotely.

  • As a business, you’ll save on office costs. Remote workers are also more productive and are easier also to retain in the long-term. Working remotely comes with a particular need to have fast internet!
  • You’ll need superfast and affordable internet, internet you can rely on round the clock. Should I say that again? It’s essential that your internet is very fast, but also affordable!
  • Even offices that operate from physical locations need to have fast and reliable internet connections. Indeed, investing in fast internet is no longer a matter of luxury or convenience; it’s mandatory, it’s a way to position your brand for the future.
  • In any working space, there’s a direct correlation between fast internet speeds and productivity. From opening and responding to emails, browsing the web, and many other tasks that require the internet; internet speed is always a vital factor.

How do you pick the right internet provider for your home or office use?

At a time when online gaming and video calling have become the new norm across many homes across the UK, you’ll need to invest in hyper fast, super reliable broadband. This is the only way to ensure that there are no buffering and interruptions even during peak times.  Here at Hyperoptic Ltd, we’re your reliable home and office fiber internet provider in London and the immediate areas.


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Our broadband packages are conveniently split to suit residential users, office users, even app developers, and owners.  One thing that puts us aside with most fiber broadband providers is that we go to great lengths in investing in the right infrastructure.

We use the latest connection cables for all your broadband connections, ensuring that the entire infrastructure used meets the needs of the 21st century. From super-fast connections to the durability of the infrastructure, round the clock technical support; Hyperoptic Ltd got you covered.

We’re located in 200 Shepherds Bush Rd, London W6 7NL. We can proudly say that our broadband speeds are some of the best you’ll get anywhere in the UK.

If you’ve been following the global news keenly for the past few weeks, the United States is locked in a bitter trade dispute with China, over the latter’s Huawei cellular gadgets. In spite of all the allegations and counter-allegations being thrown around, it’s all about the much anticipated 5G internet! 5G internet is expected to be a game changer in how we use our internet and the overall experience.  The best way to invest in this much-anticipated rollout is by investing in 21st-century broadband infrastructure. Hyperoptic Ltd is your best bet on this journey. Our broadband plans and prices are both affordable and flexible. These include;

  1. 30Mb Fibre Connection Broadband and Phone; this package is ideal for PC use and WIFI connections for handheld devices.  For only £ 21 a month, you get fast connections of up to 30 megabytes per second and a HyperHub Router.  We’ll also give you round the clock customer support via phone, email, and live chats.
  2. 150mb fiber connection Broadband and Phone; get this £ 28 a month plan if you’re an avid gamer or stream content regularly. The average speed for this is 150Mbps, also has a HyperHub router.  24/7 customer support available via phone. You pay £ 28 a month for the first year and £ 38 a month afterward.
  3. 1GB Fiber Connection; for only £ 47 a month, you can get this package and enjoy speeds of up to 900 Megabytes Per Second.  This makes it ideal for sharing or downloading large files, gaming, live streaming, and so much more.  You’ll pay £ 47 a month for the first 12 months and £ 63 going onwards.  There’s 24/7 customer care support.

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Hyperoptic likes doings differently; we have a people-first approach. Our staff will accord you great customer service and ensure that your network is always up and running smoothly. We deliver the best connectivity to all London postcodes; feel free to contact us for more details.

Our technical team will dispatch our technicians to your building for a physical inspection. This is done absolutely free.  Unlike some purely profit-driven providers, Hyperoptic is focused on the long-term.

  • We’re here to offer you the best broadband connectivity for all your surfing needs. How do you like spending your time online? Lying on the sofa with your Smartphone? Glued to your PC as you play a game?
  • It doesn’t mean how you surf; we always recommend our clients to go for Unlimited. Our unlimited broadband is suitable for hardcore gamers, social media fanatics, as well as Netflix addicts.  No buffering or slow times during peak times, our internet is super fast and stable at all times.
  • Office and business owners around London looking for super fast, unlimited broadband connections are covered. We have a package for everyone, no more delays or errors when you try to attach large files in the office.
  • You can download apps and other software online at unbelievable speeds of up to 1Gb per second.
  • Businesses have to adapt to the changing business requirements of the 21st century. You’ll need to stay in touch with your clients, customers, and your workforce too, even when you’re on the move.
  • In other words, work and communicating don’t have to be confined to the office; people can still communicate remotely. Hyperoptics offers excellent solutions to help facilitate effective and efficient remote networking.
  • One of our most prominent clients in London is Mr. Fernando Raymonds, the CEO, and Founder of ClickDo Ltd. This is one of the largest digital marketing companies in the UK.

When Mr. Fernando approached us regarding broadband connection in his London apartment, we dispatched our engineers the next day. He had requested for the 30 MB Broadband plan for his home surfing needs. But after considering that his home also doubled up as an office, we suggested a different package. Fernando’s tasks involved the constant uploading and downloading of heavy files, conducting several Skype and video conference calls with clients, working as a part-time web developer; we suggested the 150MB Broadband.


video copyrights owned by https://hyperoptic.com/

Our chief technician Omar explained to him why the 150MB monthly plan was the best for him.  Four months down the line, Mr. Fernando is thoroughly impressed with our services.

“I ultimately love the 150 Mb fibers Broadband; its speed is unbelievably fast. The £ 28 monthly fee is a drop in the ocean considering the convenience and super speeds I’m getting,” says Mr. Fernando.

Hyperoptics has now been contracted to provide fiber broadband to ClickDo Ltd’s offices from next month, once their agreement with the current provider expires. The offices are located in London at 225 Mash Wall, E14 9FW.

We have the infrastructure and latest fiber optic cables to connect and cover all their offices with super fast Broadband regardless of the floor they’re based.

You too can get in touch with us for all your office broadband connections across the city; enjoy the fastest download and upload speeds ever, without having to dig so deep into your pocket. Kindly note that we conduct free inspections to your building or premises to determine what length of cables will be required for your connection. The inspections also help us know what side to place your radio for better broadband signal reception.

Our 4G network gives you unrivaled speeds and efficient coverage regardless of the nature of your connectivity needs.

Why should you choose Hyperoptic for your business?

  1. We’re easy to deal with; our data tariffs and pricing plans are clear and transparent. As such, you only pay for what suits you or your business. Like aforementioned, Hyperoptic has adopted a people-first approach, and as such, all your connectivity needs are well taken care of.
  2. Superfast broadband; we use the latest fiber optic cables when connecting broadband to your building. Our broadband is super fast at all times and for all occasions.  With Hyperoptic, you’ll enjoy download speeds that are 21 times faster than what you currently have.  You can download up to 1GB per second with Hyperoptic broadband.
  3. Great connectivity, great coverage; we boast of over 95% broadband coverage in areas around and within London.  We cover more postcodes than any other broadband provider, talk to us for any queries or questions.
  4. Excellent customer-care support; you can reach us anytime, any day. Our customer care team is on standby 24/7 on phone, email and live chat.  Hyperoptic doesn’t rest until your query is addressed and sorted to your satisfaction.  Our engineers will advise and recommend the best Broadband package for your home or office.
  5. Great Prices; how much do you pay for your current broadband network? Is it unlimited? Enjoy the best prices from Hyperoptic for superfast, efficient fiber-optic broadband.  Our payment methods are flexible; you can pay quarterly, yearly, or have us bill you at the end of the month.

Feel free to contact us today for all your home and office broadband connection needs in London. Hyperoptics brings you the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, at incredibly affordable prices. We’re the real pros of fiber optic broadband connections.

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